Sell or Lease Your Property

The Miller Groups specializes in selling and leasing commercial property. The company also has experience in creative financing arrangements, sale-leasebacks, and exchanges.

Find the Right Space for Your Business

If you are a business owner looking for commercial space in Santa Fe, The Miller Groups can help. The Miller Group has extensive experience in commercial property identification, deal analysis, and lease/purchase negotiations.

Invest in Real Estate

The Miller Group can help you identify and analyze real estate investments. Whether it’s cap rates, NPVs, or IRRs…The Miller Group can help.

Develop and Build

If you are a business owner or investor looking to develop and build, The Miller Group can help. Miller Group has developed over 50K SF of commercial space in Santa Fe and has significant experience in the design, permitting, and construction of commercial real estate.

Property Management

The Miller Group manages over 100K SF of commercial space in Santa Fe. Whether you are looking to replace an existing property manager or need help with troublesome tenants or complicated CAM calculations, we can help.

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